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The three great pillars of Art- "Iyal (Writing)", "Isai (Music)" and "Nadagam (Drama)" -have always been inter-twined with the lives of the Tamil Community, since time immemorial. Since the glorious days of “Sanga Kalam”, many great Tamil Scholars have contributed to the richness of Tamil Literature with their unique and eternal literary works.

This great tradition continues till date. Wherever they are, Tamilians are passionate about their Art and Culture and keep the Tamil Flag fly 'high' through their various cultural activities.

We, here in Muscat, propagate the rich traditions and values of Tamil Culture through “Muscat Tamil Sangam”, which was revived, after a brief break, in 1996. Starting with a small group of people in 1983, our Sangam has been growing tremendously over the years and today it boasts itself of a membership of over 1100 Families.

Our Sangam takes pride in the fact that ours is the first organisation in Muscat to impart teaching of Tamil Language to the children of our members, who otherwise, will not have an opportunity to learn their mother tongue. We consider this small initiative as one of our Sangam’s greatest services to the glory of our beloved “Tamil Thai”.

Traditionally, Muscat Tamil Sangam has been organizing and participating in various cultural programmes, in order to provide an opportunity for the enormous but dormant and untapped talents of our community to bloom and blossom.

We are, of course, very proud that we have many talented singers, actors, dancers, sports personalities, story-writers, competent speakers, programme organizers etc., in our community today, whose talents have come to the limelight through our sangam’s diverse activities.

Over the years, our Sangam has organized Dance Ballets, Dramas, Sports events, Drawing competitions, Cooking competitions, Summer camps etc., which have won great acclaim among our members and from other linguistic wings as well.

Our sangam’s yearly 'Pongal Sports Event' has always been very popular and a great success with attendance from the member community growing year after year.

Our sangam has participated in many Musical and Drama competitions being organized by our Parent body the 'Indian Social Club' every year and won many prizes. Our Sangam has been retaining the Rolling Trophy for winning the maximum number of prizes in the yearly music competition organized by it. 

One of the proudest moments for our sangam is the 'Annual Academic Excellence Award' function, where we honour and felicitate the outstanding students from the local Indian Schools for their academic achievements in the Xth Std Board Exams. Last years edition witnessed the presence of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam as the Key Note Speaker of the event. Visit www.bmaeawards.org for more info about this event

This is a unique activity we are very proud of.

For the benefit of our members, we bring in famous artists in the field of Music, Drama, Dance and Literature from Tamil Nadu every year.

Some of the famous personalities who have visited Muscat through the efforts of our sangam are:

Tmt. Nityashree

Thiru. Baski

Late Thiru. Poornam Viswanathan- One of the great Theater Artists

Late Thiru. Sujatha- Writer par excellence

Thiru. Seergazhi Sivachidambaram-

Prof. Abdul Samad- Great literary Orator

Thiru. Vairamuthu – Noted Poet

Thiru. Mano – Playback singer

Thiru. Sujatha – Playback singer

Thiru and Tmt. Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy – Folk Music singers

Mangayar Malar Magazine Team

Tmt. Manorama - Veteran Cine Actress

Thiru. S.P.Balasubramaniam - Popular Play back Singer

Thiru Illasai Sundaram

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

Thiru Crazy Mohan and Thiru Crazy Balaji - Popular Script Writer and Theatre Pesonalities

Thiru U Shrinivas and U Rajesh - Maondolin Maestros

Thiru Subbu Arumugam - Villu Paatu

Thiru - Madurai Muthu - FolkDance  Artist

Tmt - Radha Bhaskar - Musicologist

Thiru - Kundayar  Thandalam Dhakshinamoorthy - Therukoothu Artist



Our sangam continuously organises many enjoyable events like Patti Manram, Arattai Arangam, Quiz Programmes, Jodi Porutham, Pattukku Pattu, Treasure Hunt etc., For the sports enthusiasts, badminton, chess, table tennis tournaments etc. are being organized. The monthly events of Tamil Sangam are well-received, well-attended and they serve as an useful forum for networking and getting to know our own community people among others.


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